Etiquette Expectations

WedImage is a place to plan dreams; a collection of inspiration and love. To ensure that it is a safe and encouraging community for all we would like to establish the following etiquette guidelines.

1. I will respect copyrights!

Whether you are a bride, photographer, or vendor, you must always be the legal copyright holder to upload any photography. So, if you are sharing photos on WedImage please ask yourself:

  1. Do you own the copyright?
  2. Did you take the photo?
  3. Are you in the photograph?

If you cannot say yes to any of those questions, please keep it off WedImage.

2. I understand that some content is not appropriate for WedImage

WedImage is a site to share professional images from real weddings. WedImage does not allow images that contain:

  • nudity
  • overt sexuality
  • racism
  • promotion of hate
  • anything not wedding related

3. I will be polite and encouraging!

In person, you are probably a pretty nice person. We would really like it if you were when you are on our site as well. WedImage is meant to be a place that makes people feel good, happy, and encouraged.

4. I will be Genuine

Creating multiple accounts, spamming comments, or pushing pharmaceuticals will get you fast tracked to being blocked and deleted. This will likely hurt the cause you were working towards.

If you would like to advertise your business on WedImage, please contact us at

5. Tell Us How to Improve

WedImage is a small team that would love to continue improving. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to make this site better,