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About Tuscany Wedding Photo - Alessandro Chiarini

Hi I' m Alessandro Chiarini wedding photographer from Florence Tuscany and I shoots wedding in my region in all italian places and worldwide. Photography has always been my passion and it has meant so much in my life that it became my full time job since 1991 in Florence. Starting as a fashion photographer and initially dedicating myself to commercial/advertising photography, during all these years I have explored several fields of imagery, from architecture and landscape to ballet and portraiture, and I have always pushed my energies to take the best pictures possible in each of these areas. Even though I've been taking pictures of weddings ever since I was handling my first cameras, it is only after years of experiences and experimentations, that I really became enjoying the creative possibilities of wedding photography. What I have learned in the other fields of photography has allowed me to develop a rather unique and personal style for my wedding photography, which is rapidly evolving towards a wedding "reportage" approach. I' ve won different national and international awards in my career and took part in several photographic exhibitions. Among the latest, I took part in 2004 Photokina, Kohln (Germany), and the 2008 Florence Festival of Creativity ( Italy ). I won the 5th Polaroid International Award in 2004,  winning the first award for the Europe/Africa zone and the second worldwide award.